I’m all about my Superclouds and Cloudfoam Ultra sandals. And of course, the patented Superstar sneakers. I have a variety of them but I swear I’m not a sneakerhead. I’m just saying, this is an Adidas house.

The tags pictured are from a jacket I recently purchased.

For those who need to be schooled:

Adi’s brother, Rudolf, founded Puma. And before they were fighting against each other, they were fighting amongst each other for Nazi Germany.


More if you have 20 minutes to kill:

Nylon Cape 

Analysis – Top notch Adobe Illustrator work, the designer definitely sketched this out beforehand, or took photos of a model as a template. Either way, it’s still vector.

Los Angeles Chargers Logo


The San Diego Chargers are now moving back to Los Angeles! The Los Angeles Rams now have a crosstown rival. The last time The Chargers and The Rams were both stationed in LA simultaneously was in 1960! And the last time LA had 2 pro football teams was in 1994.

Other headline: Is Chargers’ new logo the product of a Dodgers-Lightning hookup?


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.18.07 PM.png