Minnesota Timberbulls

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This logo is hilarious. Luol Deng signs with the Minnesota Timberwolves to reunite with Tom Thibodeau, his coach when they were with the Chicago Bulls. Also on the roster are 3 other former Bulls from the early 2010’s. What are you (re)creating, Thibs? Ha

signing Deng seems like a continuation of some strange quest by Thibodeau to recreate the Chicago Bulls from earlier this decade.

With Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose and now Deng on the roster, all they need is Joakim Noah — also a free agent — and they can put out an entire lineup of Thibs’ former Bulls players. Now, Butler is still a great player, obviously, and Gibson was a good addition, but it’s easy to see why this roster overhaul can be frustrating to Wolves fans.