On-Campus Housing at OCC

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, 25% of two-year colleges in the U.S. offer on-campus housing. Orange Coast College is one of them!

Costa Mesa

Love being back in Costa Mesa. Nice places to eat. Great architecture everywhere. Lunches at South Coast Plaza. Pretty people. The Welcome Home Tour is real

Drexel University Professor & Faculty Chair Chikaodinaka Nwankpa Faces Charges for Using Cancer Research Funds at Strip Clubs and Bars


“Mr. Nwankpa inappropriately and criminally diverted tens of thousands of dollars that were allocated for research purposes toward his own private enjoyment,” Krasner told The Justice Wire. “He betrayed Drexel University and tuition-paying students he was paid to educate.”


Graduates of four-year universities flock to community colleges for job skills

“There’s a lot of disciplines universities aren’t offering,” said Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, an associate professor of education at UCLA and director of its Higher Education Research Institute, who said it’s no surprise that college graduates who want more specialized training or career changes are turning to community colleges. “The universities aren’t keeping up.”

By definition, community colleges are more responsive to the needs of local employers than some universities, said Davis Jenkins, a researcher at the Community College Research Center.

“Certainly the regional universities should be more customer-responsive,” he said.



This blog entry is not Art-related.


I loathe coding. And I still get nightmares from high school Spanish.

Couldn’t keep up with the course material despite getting help from tutors, and after week 6 or 7 all it was doing was mess with my happiness. And that’s where I draw the line. Had I kept going I probably would’ve ended up even more miserable, and not spending time being an artist.

I couldn’t go on like this if I had to get help for everything. I’m going back to ART. Any punkass employer who wants a combo programmer/designer… go fuck yourselves. Those unicorns exist but probably wouldn’t be good at either.

Paid the professor a visit during his office hours to say goodbye. One thing I didn’t like was how these Practice-It projects aren’t covered in the course. Dude justifies it by saying “in the world of programming, things are constantly changing, and there will be bumps on the road”. I sort of see his point but come ON. That could be said for practically any major. Fashion design is always changing. Political legislations change all the time. But I know its no excuse. Pretty disappointed in myself that I couldn’t tolerate a preliminary course in Computer Science, but I did everything I could. And I’m glad I gave it a try.

My first Withdrawal.