6ix9ine’s Album Art RIPS OFF a Young Tumblr Artist???

a few of you might already know this but someone from instagram Matteo Rainini traced my art and turned it into fanart for a rapper called 6ix9ine which he then used as cover art for his new album “DAY69″

Link: https://cryptidsp00n.tumblr.com/post/171255058170/hey-so-my-art-got-traced-and-used-as-album-cover


Body Armor Vs. Gatorade

This is funny. The Body Armor bottle looks larger in scale making the Gatorade bottle seem minuscule (they’re probably the same size). It’s also shot from a low angle perspective for a more sophisticated impression. Type use is night and day. Alright alright we get it!


American Crown Circus/Westminster Mall

Great design of the platform that keeps the stack of tickets together.

The circus will be taking place at the Westminster Mall in Westminster, CA this entire week Feb 23 – 27. It makes me sad to see the mall in the ghost town state it’s in.

I went here a lot as a kid. Lots of movie nights and arcades, good memories. A lot changed by the time I was in junior high but me and some friends kept going afterschool because it was right across the street. Right at the next exit on the I-405 S (coming from LA) is Bella Terra. Now that place is poppin.

In recent years a Target and a TGI Friday’s connecting to the Westminster Mall opened, which I thought were smart moves: A discount retail store and a restaurant with a bar that stays open late. But I still think the place is a sinking ship, sadly.