Is The Studio Display Better Than 6K Pro Display XDR? Yes!

People are complaining about the 5K Studio Display, but in reality how does it compare to the 6K Pro Display XDR?

In this video, Vadim Yuryev from Max Tech covers Apple’s new Mac Studio Display and cover all of its features and how it compares to Apples 6K Prodisplay XDR in terms of features and display quality and performance!


McDonald’s Uniforms Are Being Upcycled Into A Runway-Worthy Fashion Line

Not all of us have had the chance to wear the McDonald’s uniform behind the counter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock it down the runway.

Finnish brand Vain is working in tandem with McDonald’s Finland to repurpose the fast-food restaurant attire into a collection of 27 stylish pieces for the fashion-hungry to don in their free time.

Vain takes the iconic branding of the Golden Arches and the signature black, red, yellow, and blue uniforms and turns them into something worthy of wearing down the street, or to a McDonald’s themed party. The lineup includes jackets, dresses, button-downs, sweaters, and accessories reimagined in never-before-seen silhouettes of the fast-food chain’s uniforms.

Source: Hypebae