Gas Theft On The Rise As Gas Prices Skyrocket, Thieves Drilling Holes Into Gas Tanks

While gas prices continue to hit record highs, some people in Southern California are now resorting to gasoline theft.

A FOX 11 viewer shared photos of what happened to a vehicle — a thief drilled a hole in the fuel tank, draining all the gas. AAA is seeing a rise in gas siphoning and theft across the country, and now they’re warning car owners about how to keep their vehicles safe. 

“This is a sign of the times you know,” AAA’s Doug Shupe said. “It’s thieves looking for ways that they can make money by stealing what is becoming an increasingly more expensive and valuable commodity, gasoline.”

Mona Garcia says she’s fed up with the prices. “[It] used to be $60, then it went to $70, I think two weeks ago it was $90,” she said. 
“So I’m thinking this might hit $100,” she said while filling up her car Monday night. As she feared, she spent $100 to fill her tank. Garcia says her camera and the floodlight in her driveway deter any would-be thieves from taking that gas from her tank.

And it’s not just the cost of the gas that’s high, but if thieves do drill into your gas tank, the repairs can top $1,000. 

“Oftentimes vehicle owners who find themselves victims of this type of gasoline theft, they have to replace the entire gas tank, Shupe said. “So it is a costly repair and replacement that needs to be made.”

AAA recommends three ways you can keep thieves from targeting your gas tank:

  • Park in the garage at your home if you have one.
  • If you don’t have a garage, or when out in public, park in a well-lit area with high traffic. If possible, park in a secure location like a fenced-in lot or parking garage.
  • When parking in a garage, find a spot near the exit or elevator as those have the most visibility and foot traffic.

If you think your gas tank may have been tampered with, AAA says you can look for telltale signs, like the smell of gasoline, a puddle under your vehicle, or a lit check engine light. If you do have your gas stolen, AAA recommends filing a police report and contact your insurance agent to see if the repairs are covered.

Source: FOX 11 Los Angeles

Sherwin-Williams Fires Ohio University Senior And TikTok Star Tony Piloseno For Filming Paint-Mixing Videos At Work

An Ohio University senior who worked a part-time job at a local Sherwin-Williams store was fired after the company discovered his popular paint-mixing TikTok channel @tonesterpaints, which currently has over 1.2 million followers.

Tony Piloseno said that for months he’d been pointing to his viral account as an example of what Sherwin-Williams could do on social media and by marketing its brand to a younger audience.

But instead it led corporate personnel to investigate his social media account, and they ultimately fired him after determining he was making “these videos during [his] working hours” and with company equipment.

According to termination papers Piloseno provided to BuzzFeed News, the official offense the company handed down to him was “gross misconduct,” which included the offenses of “wasting properties [and] facilities,” and “seriously embarrass[ing] the Company or its products.”

“They first accused me of stealing — I told them I purchased all my paint,” he said. “They made me answer a bunch of questions like when I was doing this, where, if there was anyone in the store while I was doing [filming]. There was never anyone with me while I doing it.”

Source: BuzzFeed News