Tim Grover Breaks Down The Biggest Differences In Training Michael Jordan And Kobe

Tim Grover trained the one and only Michael Jordan and some of the world’s most elite athletes, and he’s also got a new book out: ‘Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness.’ Tim Grover joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the differences between training Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Russell Wilson.


Carmelo Anthony wants to see more top prospects like Mikey Williams make history by considering Historically Black Colleges & Universities, could drastically alter the NCAA landscape


What a lot of coaches don’t understand is that we don’t need them..WE CONTROL OUR OWN NARRATIVE!! I’m very thankful that God blessed me to be in the position to do that..We write our own stories..we determine what the next page in life is going to be..why does it always have to be the big universities? – Mikey Williams on his Instagram

All it takes is one person to change history… It changes college sports because you have a young black kid who is at the top of his game who decided to go to a black university. –  Carmelo Anthony on prospect of Mikey Williams attending an HBCU

Source: NBC Sports