The AI Was Tasked To Imagine Advertisements For 10 Popular Brands—And Within Five Minutes, It Produced Hundreds Of Posters

Artificial intelligence has proven time and again that creativity can be taught, having been the brains behind some headline-making artworks, and even a magazine cover, of late.

Now, it’s making its way into adland. But don’t worry—instead of stealing jobs, it’s being used as a resource for an experimental project by advertising agency 10 Days. Here, the studio still assumed the role of a creative director of sorts while Midjourney, an invite-only AI platform, followed the instructions of its human coworkers.

The tool was led simply by the cues of six genre-based words, including “sci-fi,” “noir,” and “cinematic,” to produce spec work for companies like Nespresso, KFC, Gucci, British Airways, and Ray-Ban. Projects that would have each taken human creators months to finalize were concluded by the AI in minutes—with 24 wholly unique designs per brand.

These tools, of course, aren’t for everyone. We can name a few minimalist brands that would turn their nose at the idea of launching advertisements in the form of surreal, Salvador Dalí-esque nightmares.

With that being said, the experiment is a teaser of the implications AI might have on the industry. It envisions a future where less time is spent on ideation to allow more space for execution and delivery. Picture relying on one of these to dream up virtually countless storyboards, or even packaging designs.

“It’s staggering what AI can achieve given the right set of prompts and keywords,” describes Jolyon White, co-founder and creative director of 10 Days. “We’re now able to create 24 layouts in the time it takes our Art Director to take their first sip of coffee.”

Source: DesignTAXI

Clever Episode 113: Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister


In this episode, Clever host Amy Devers talks to graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Stefan did not care for engineering in high school. Instead, he found designing a poster that would communicate a vibe and draw crowds to an event to be way more compelling. After design school, the Austrian native decided that New York is the city that fits him best. With many awards and a big name in his field, he’s now focusing on art, exhibitions, and taking a sabbatical every 7 years. He’s got a brain for planning and long-term data which allows for a very optimistic long view.

Source: Design Milk