Eddy Curry: Chicago Bulls Offered Me $400K A Year For 50 Years To Take A DNA Test, I Refused

In this clip, Eddy Curry talked about some of the earlier days in his career before running into cardiac problems. Eddy described the situation as a stressful one as his career hung in the balance. He recalled the NBA offering him $400K annually for 50 years if he took a DNA test that showed he was more likely to develop heart problems. However, Eddy explained how his agent at the time showed him the negative precedent he would be setting for future Black players.

Iman Shumpert Breaks Down His Financial Moves So He Didn’t Need Money When He Left NBA, How He Lives Off Interest

In this clip, Iman Shumpert talked about the Britney Griner situation and how it is ultimately a result of the WNBA’s low pay that Griner was in Russia in the first place. He also discussed whether he considered playing overseas after he hadn’t landed with an NBA franchise. He and Vlad discussed developing financial literacy through their respective journeys. Iman detailed having an accountant and a financial adviser, both whom hated one another but he said that kept both of them honest and secured his money. He also recounted never wanting to look at his bank account to avoid the shock of how much money he actually had accessible.

In this clip, Iman Shumpert discussed some of the methods and habits he’s formed (or not) around spending money. He said he never had an issue with spending and managed to save a lot of money over the course of his playing career as a result. At one point, Iman said he couldn’t fathom how athletes could go broke with all the financial incentives they’re contractually afforded.

Bill Burr On The NBA Being Rigged And Becoming The First Comedian Ever To Perform At Fenway Park

Bill talks about watching the Celtics Game 7 against the Miami Heat, thinking the NBA is lowkey rigged and the refs having too much power, whether or not he has trouble being happy, performing at Fenway Park, throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game, being a “Jeopardy” clue, getting his pilot’s license, directing a feature film called Old Dads, and his Slight Return stand-up tour.

Brittany Renner: If PJ Washington Was 6 Years Older Than Me It’d Be “Normal”

Brittany Renner and Vlad spoke about what marriage looks like for Renner, following a question that John Salley asked. From there, Renner spoke about trying to be out of the limelight while with someone, and even said she debated on deleting her social media. She said that despite the thought, she doesn’t feel she has to shrink herself to be with a man, or water herself down. From there, Renner and Vlad talked about the effects of social media on relationships, and how people need to put their phone down.

Brittany Renner also explained her willingness to accept responsibility for her role in her failed relationships. She also talked about dealing with double standards relating to age. On her ability to be accountable for the outcomes of her relationships, Renner explained that “when you blame others, you miss out on the opporunity to grow. She admitted to still loving PJ Washington but acknowledged why the relationship no longer worked and learning lessons from the relationship that she’ll carry into her next romance. To hear more, check out the clip above.