Tutorial 2021 | Full Beginners Guide on How To Set Everything Up!

0:00 Intro
0:21 Special Thanks
1:16 App/exchange
2:33 Buying Crypto
5:04 ACH transfer
7:15 Selling
8:30 Withdrawing funds
9:13 Earn Program
12:58 CRO dust
13:38 Transferring Crypto
15:20 Tracking coins
16:13 Visa card tiers
19:44 Getting your card
22:04 Loading your Card
23:21 Conclusion


Software Engineer Rashiq Zahid Creates Website That Knows If Your Local McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Is Broken

There’s a tired joke about McDonald’s chronically broken ice cream machines. You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it, and 24-year-old software engineer Rashiq Zahid has heard it.

Fortunately, one of us—the engineer, of course—found a way to protect McDonald’s fans from the age-old disappointment of heading all the way to a store only to be told the ice cream machine isn’t working. Zahid calls his new masterpiece mcbroken, and it actually appears to work.

In simple terms, because, let’s be real, most of us don’t know what the hell reverse engineering an internal API means, mcbroken acts as a bot that tests the availability of ice cream sundaes at every US location every 30 minutes. It does so by trying to add a sundae to the cart on McDonald’s mobile app.

If the app fails to add a sundae to the cart because ice cream is unavailable at that location, that spot is marked with a red dot on the map. If the app succeeds at adding a sundae to the cart, it means ice cream is available at that location, earning the spot a green dot on the map.

Source: Thrillist