Foolio Appreciates Vlad Telling Him To Leave Beef Alone And Focus On Music

In this VladTV Flashback from 2021, Foolio reflected on his current success and acknowledged the role beef played in his initial buzz. DJ Vlad encouraged Foolio to leave the beef behind now that he’s cultivated a fanbase and has popular songs. Check out the above clip to view Foolio’s response to Vlad’s suggestions.


Barbr – Mobile App

Last year I prototyped a mobile app that allowed users to get quality haircuts in their home by booking barbers in the area. The concept came from people in big cities who work tight schedules and can’t make it to a barbershop during business hours, or they just don’t feel like driving somewhere and paying for parking. Sure the idea could use some more refining but with all the recent closures and limited gatherings, I don’t think I was too far off with this one💈