Too Short On How Much He Charges Major Label And Local Artists For Verses

In this clip, Too Short talks about collaborating with Kelis on a song produced by the Neptunes called “Bossy.” He described the events leading up to the partnership and what it meant to him in the latter part of his career before Shirley Ju informed him that he has partaken in 20-30 gold-selling records as a guest feature. To that, the Bay Area rap legend names off some of his greatest collaborations that have earned him plaques such as his work with E-40, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, and Snoop Dogg.

As the interview moves along, Too Short talks about the way in which his friendships with East Coast rappers blossomed in wake of his first retirement back in the 90s. The Oakland native attributes the friendships that he developed with rappers like Eric Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman. Then, he tells an interesting story about how he and Keith Murray hung out for an entire day, which eventually ended with the two of them going to an infamous nightclub called in NYC called “The Tunnel.” He reveals that Keith Murray had a razor blade in his mouth for the entire day until he spat it out at some point later that night. Lastly, Too Short shares the backstory for some of his favorite collaborations with East Coast rappers such as “Buy You Some” with Eric Sermon, before explaining his logic for working with a litany of unknown rappers all over the country.