“Thank You” Goes A Long Way

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So LaVar Ball’s middle son LiAngelo and 2 other UCLA basketball players were caught shoplifting in China and were on the verge of serving a long-term sentence. UCLA Men’s Basketball were doing a tour there, played exhibition games without them, and later left them in China while they were still under house arrest. Trump sat down with China President Xi Jinpeng (a prior arrangement) and got those 3 players to come back to the states safely. They all issued statements of apology and thanked Trump, and all seemed fine. Maybe a little too fine.

Enter LaVar Ball, who goes to say that Trump hardly had anything to do with the players’ releases, some sources even claimed it was collegiate officials and the NCAA. And that’s why he didn’t say Thank You. Trump fired back on Twitter and here we are. LaVar made to CNN. As someone who’s been following the Ball family for the past couple years I had to stop what I was doing and watch “Ungrateful” LaVar Ball’s appearance on CNN Tonight with “Chained Lunatic” Chris Cuomo.

Apparently everything comes in 3’s. Within the past year LaVar has made appearances on sports networks (ESPN’s First Take & Fox Sports Undisputed), a late-night talk show (ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!), and now a television news channel. From saying how he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one to saying how his oldest son Lonzo (at the time undrafted) is better than 2-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, LaVar has made headline after headline. And last night was no different.

And it did not disappoint. However I’m going to have to disagree with Lavar on this one. All he had to do was say Thank You and everybody would have moved on as there are much more important things to talk about in the political arena. But LaVar, a man with nothing to lose, wins again.

I think the funniest thing here is that these are grown men bickering about something we were taught to do as babies.

Thank you.

The bigger picture is that we are watching 2 master class marketers go at each other. Its like Donald Trump has finally found a dance partner that can hang with him in terms of self-promotion.

  • Mike Shields , CNN Political Commentator

Asking For Free Stuff

A cartoon artist walks into different public businesses and asks them for free stuff, the same way all creatives get approached to do free work. Hilarious!

Designs for free? How many times have you been asked to design a free logo in return for “credit” or “exposure”. As designers we’ve been there many times! what would happen if we were to apply this tactic to the real world? how would people react?


Josiah Brooks is an artist from Melbourne, Australia and he has created an eye opening video that would help people understand the plight that we as designers go through.


3:44 – “It diminishes the value of our product if we offer things for free, when we know that we can build rapport, and have great experiences, and get people giving word of mouth experiences, and still conduct a business.” – The Travel Agent Guy