McDonald’s Holiday McCafe Cup

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It just took one guy to ruin it for everybody

My Mom And Me Dying

I was scoping the art department at this university, and I bump into my dude Glenn. Haven’t seen him in a minute! He didn’t even have class that day and just wanted to work on some stuff. What are the odds?

He let me in the studio, I provided feedback, and helped him clean up while listening to the Marquee Moon record by Television.

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Photo Dec 12, 7 30 14 PM.jpgPhoto Dec 12, 7 47 35 PM.jpgPhoto Dec 12, 7 51 37 PM.jpg

We learned something new that night. That stubborn tube of yellow paint was gonna tear open if we applied full force. So Glenn just let it sit in a bowl of water for an hour. He tried opening it again and the cap came off easily!

Photo Dec 12, 8 04 00 PM.jpg

Heat lamp to help dry some of the paint splatters.

Photo Dec 12, 8 29 14 PM.jpg

This was my favorite composition. He worked on this the most. After completion, our dialog went something like:
P: It looks real nice.
G: Thanks.
P: It’s like a Disneyland of color and style. What’re you gonna call it? You gotta give it a name.
G: My Mom And Me Dying.
P: Haha, what’s it mean?
G: (Points to Sunday comic strip on project) This word bubble says “It’s nothing, just my mom and me dying!”.

You couldn’t script it any better.

Photo Dec 12, 8 18 55 PM.jpg

Photo reference for My Mom And Me Dying. He was going for a Jim Morrison type of feel.

Olga Perez Stable Cox – Orange Coast College

This blog entry is not Art-related.

I’ve decided to go public and speak on my former Psychology 165 (class title “Human Sexuality”) professor Olga Perez Stable Cox over at Orange Coast College.

“What the fuck does politics have to do with human sexuality?” Listen man. Here’s what people on the net aren’t seeing. In her lectures, there are BOXES where you can anonymously write and submit questions, asking her for input and advice. A student probably wrote “Hey Olga, I’m gay and I fear for my safety at night in my apartment complex. Please advise” or “I’m an international Muslim student and these Trump supporters continuously say rude things to me” . Shit like that.

Someone who’s also supposed to be an adult took a class on a topic that’s ALREADY controversial, recorded and shared a SMALL portion of a classroom discussion.

I get flashbacks of my high school basketball coach Jesse Miramontez (ironically, now an assistant coach at Orange Coast College) telling us how Bush and Osama maliciously planned 9/11 towards the end of a huddle. Or when my Spanish teacher Julie Zweig told a female classmate off by blurting “enjoy working at McDonald’s for the rest of your life”. Just this past summer in Communication Studies, my instructor Shauhin “Shaw” Davari (coached the school’s Speech and Debate Team to 1st-place in numerous competitions, winning gold medals along the way) spoke on Trump in a condescending manner. I mean he wasn’t trashing Trump as much as Olga did, it was more like a “I’m shaking my head at this dude” type of way.

Olga, who’s done so much for the community for the past 30 years, was caught up in the heat of the moment. Haven’t we all? Yeah. Was she out of line? Yeah. Do I support her? Not necessarily. I support the course. There have been students who talk about being raped, some molested growing up, some deciding to come out in class; guest speakers who openly talk about their sex change or their specific fetish, under the impression of not being judged. The platform truly is a therapy session for many. So out of respect for everybody’s confidentiality in the class, no one should be recording video/audio! If one has some kind of disability and needs to record the lectures… Well that should’ve been arranged before the semester even started. Olga fought hard for this class to be a transferable course, and I think it is one of the most essential. There is no other class that comes as close to Human Sexuality where people begin to acquire a stronger sense of perspective.

An apology to conservative students? If that’s what it takes. Because if Olga hangs it up now, it’s a win for the harassers. The people who showed up to her house and took pictures, the people who think diversity is code for white genocide (who also probably dislike fusion food), the people who endorse inflicting violence as an answer. She should comply and do whatever’s required to get back to her passion of teaching again. Because a class as important as that is a lot bigger than your political ideology. Try not to fly off the handle next time. Do what wrestler Triple H did when he got suspended for breaking character: Take punishment from your employer and move on.

Update Monday January 30:
Posted on every classroom door of every building is this sign.

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