My Mom And Me Dying

I was scoping the art department at this university, and I bump into my dude Glenn. Haven’t seen him in a minute! He didn’t even have class that day and just wanted to work on some stuff. What are the odds?

He let me in the studio, I provided feedback, and helped him clean up while listening to the Marquee Moon record by Television.

Photo Dec 12, 7 08 21 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 12, 7 30 14 PM.jpgPhoto Dec 12, 7 47 35 PM.jpgPhoto Dec 12, 7 51 37 PM.jpg

We learned something new that night. That stubborn tube of yellow paint was gonna tear open if we applied full force. So Glenn just let it sit in a bowl of water for an hour. He tried opening it again and the cap came off easily!

Photo Dec 12, 8 04 00 PM.jpg

Heat lamp to help dry some of the paint splatters.

Photo Dec 12, 8 29 14 PM.jpg

This was my favorite composition. He worked on this the most. After completion, our dialog went something like:
P: It looks real nice.
G: Thanks.
P: It’s like a Disneyland of color and style. What’re you gonna call it? You gotta give it a name.
G: My Mom And Me Dying.
P: Haha, what’s it mean?
G: (Points to Sunday comic strip on project) This word bubble says “It’s nothing, just my mom and me dying!”.

You couldn’t script it any better.

Photo Dec 12, 8 18 55 PM.jpg

Photo reference for My Mom And Me Dying. He was going for a Jim Morrison type of feel.