Life Drawing and Photography

This was a demo that my Life Drawing instructor did. Second picture was the Canon AE-1, what I used for my photography class. Third picture was in the dark room.

This was one of the hardest semesters because I took Rapid Illustration AND Life Drawing. That’s TWO portfolio cases that I had to lug around, and TWO art toolboxes I had to carry. TWO sketchbooks were required (one for each class), I’d like to say it was my Drawing semester. I took those classes with my best friends so it was like my kick it semester as well.

My 3rd class was Intro to Photography, so there was even more shit that took up car space. Had the tripod, exposure logs case, and for that specific semester I put all my developing equipment in my messenger bag. It was analog film… you gotta spend a lot of time in the dark room before you get to go digital.

To make things worse, my Photography Lab was on Wednesdays… I didn’t know they close early (6PM!!!) on Wednesdays! I could NEVER borrow any equipment overnight because Thursdays are the days that students check out stuff for the weekend. I had to outsource and throw down major bucks to buy my own shit so I wouldn’t have to deal with any inconvenience.

My schedule was even more fucked because right after Photography Lecture, I always had to rush back to the car, no matter how far it was, put my photo backpack back, get my Life Drawing gear cause it would start in a couple min. No time to ask my photo instructor for anything. And his office hours overlapped with my other classes. So naturally, my Photography grade suffered.

…It was a really, really packed car that semester.


First 3 pictures were my Illustrator professor’s work. He was behind on these things so he brought them to his class to finish. I wasn’t in his class another more, I just happened to be there when he needed help opening the door. Last one was taken at this art museum in Newport Beach, reminded me of him.